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top 8 best dolphin pool cleaners
If you`re looking for the best pool cleaner with all possible smart technologies and high quality, you need to have a look at Maytronics Dolphin models. Over 30 years, this manufacturer has been holding the leading position in the market, offering the broadest range of cleaning solutions for all pool types.

You`re asking why they are the best robotic pool cleaners? Here are the proofs.

The main reason why all users, including me, love the Dolphins is their unique diversity and functionality. First of all, it doesn`t matter whether you have an above ground or inground pool, the company produces devices for reservoirs of all configurations, size, and complexity.

Dolphins are the best thanks to the well-thought-out rubber brushes, which suit all surfaces and scrub even the worst debris from the most challenging areas. The cleaners process bottoms, walls, steps, waterline. Even the biggest pools are cleaned within a couple of hours.

Besides, they need zero attention and control. Dolphins are one of a few pool cleaners that apply smart navigation like CleverClean, app control, and scheduling.

I also like these models for their energy saving, as they are independent of pool pumps.

Here are the top 8 best Dolphin pool cleaners according to the users` reviews with all their advantages. Let`s go!

Comparison Table

Pool Size
Filter Type
Cleaning Cycle
40.5 pounds
Up to 50 ft.
Twin Cartridges - Extra Large
Standard - 2.5 hours
Smart Phone
Check Price
22.8 pounds
Up to 30 feet
Single level filtration
Quick - 1.5 hour
Touch screen
Check Price
14 lbs.
Up to 30 feet
Quick - 1.5 hour
No remote control
Check Price
19 pounds
Up to 50 ft.
Twin Cartridges - Large
Standard - 2 hours
No remote control
Check Price
14 pounds
Up to 33 feet
Single Click Basket - Large
Standard - 2 hours
No remote control
Check Price
16.5 pounds
Up to 50 ft.
Single Click Basket - Extra Large
Standard - 2 hours
No remote control
Check Price
Up to 33 ft.
Single Click Basket - Large
Standard - 2 hours
No remote control
Check Price
16.5 lbs.
Up to 50 ft.
Large Cartridge, Bottom Load
Standard - 3 hours
No remote control
Check Price
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Price history Comparison Chart

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Detailed Product Reviews

1. Dolphin Oasis Z5i Robotic Pool Cleaner

Oasis Z5i is an automatic pool cleaner for all inground pools up to 50 feet with smart filling like Bluetooth control, several cleaning settings, excellent performance, etc.

During testing, the model absolutely proved the manufacturer`s promises of cleanliness. It covered all surfaces of my 30 ft inground pool, including walls and waterline within 2 hours. Dynamic scrubbing, suction, and filtering eliminated even the sediment. The dirt is accumulated in a twin cartridge filter.

The greatest thing is that I don`t have to monitor the device all the time, as I used to do with old models. The Dolphin Oasis is automatic and can be run through Bluetooth connection and MyDolphin App. There are also three scheduling settings for every day, every other day, or every third day cleaning. My pool is smaller, but for 50 ft pools, standard cleaning time takes 2.5 hours.

I also liked handy handles for dropping in and pulling out, even though the case weighs pretty much. It provides a nice water eliminating system and 50 ft tangle-free cable.

Dolphin Oasis Z5i model is a good energy-efficient pool cleaner with the autonomous operation and excellent scrubbing.
  • tangle-free cable
  • comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces
  • dynamic scrubbing brushes and dual filtering
  • fast performance up to 2.5 hours
  • smartphone control through Bluetooth
  • 3 scheduling settings
  • energy-saving
  • no transport caddy included
  • often gets stuck in drains
  • does not climb steps
  • random navigation

2. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you have an above ground pool and think that Dolphins are not for you, you are deeply wrong. Dolphin E10 is a specialized pool cleaner for above ground reservoirs up to 30 ft. The model possesses the same high-efficiency scrubbing brushes for all types of surfaces and pollutions and even faster cleaning.

The main advantage of the cleaner is the genuinely effective CleverClean technology based on sensors and the Obstacle Escape system. Within 1.5 hours, the device thoroughly covered all bottom zones and avoided barriers like stairs legs. However, I was a bit disappointed that the E10 processes only floor and doesn`t clean walls or waterline.

Still, its autonomy and ease of installation can somehow soften the drawbacks. The cleaner requires no booster pumps, no installation, no complicated control. The management is run through the simple touch screen.

The final plus of the cleaner is its dimensions. While the majority of other Dolphins, which I tested, were really bulky, this one is only 22.8 pounds and much more compact.

So I didn`t feel the need for any caddy. Effective water out system also makes the usage more comfortable. A 40 ft cable doesn`t tangle much and cling, though it`s not swivel or tangle-free, and a large top-load filter basket traps a lot of dirt.

  • suitable for above ground pools
  • excellent scrubbing
  • cleaning takes only 1.5 hours
  • CleverClean navigation
  • no additional booster pumps and hoses
  • energy-saving
  • capacious top-load basket
  • lightweight body with water out system
  • a 2-year warranty
  • only for floor cleaning
  • no swivel and tangle-free cable
  • touch screen control without apps
  • many users complain about poor filtering

3. Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Escape is another excellent model for 30 ft and smaller above ground pools with a 40 ft cable, track driving system, and efficient scrubs.

This pool cleaner is somewhat similar to the previous one, as it uses the same combination of dual scrubbing brushes and suction. The 24V motor gives high power, at the same time cutting your electricity expenses by 90% compared with old-fashioned pool cleaner models.

Full cleaning takes 1.5 hours, though it still cannot be applied to walls, steps, and waterline.

The thing that impressed me was the speed and thoroughness of cleaning. Escape is equipped with SmartNav 2.0 navigation system, which scans the reservoir and notifies the cleaner about obstacles, sets the algorithm of performance, and helps collect all pollution. It goes to a filter basket set inside the body. Unlike many other pool cleaners I had before, this top-load container offers effortless and hygienic emptying.

Here we also see fine filtration, lightweight design for convenient transportation and operation, and a 2-year warranty.
  • suitable for above ground pools
  • active scrubbing and hypergrip tracks
  • 1.5 hours cleaning
  • SmartNav 2.0 navigation
  • 90% less energy consumption
  • capacious top-load basket
  • lightweight body with water out system
  • a 2-year warranty
  • no wall, steps, and waterline cleaning
  • no swivel and tangle-free cable
  • no remote control
  • only fine filter included

4. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus performs comprehensive cleaning of the bottom and walls of all 50 ft inground pools. Like all Dolphin cleaners, it doesn`t need additional pumps, filters, or hoses.

Cleaning takes standard 2 hours, during which the device sucks large debris like leaves and scrubs all algae. Dual brushes perform scrubbing, and debris with dirt water come through the double filter cartridge.

Here once again, I faced Smart navigation and scheduling function, which pleased me very much. Unfortunately, I didn`t have an ability to run the cleaner through the app, but button setting with three schedule modes gave me a choice between every day, every other day, or every third day cleaning.

I think, except for navigation and scheduling, the best features of this Dolphin model are its comprehensive filtering capabilities and a tangle-free floating 60 ft cable.

The weight of the item is listed at 19 pounds, but mind that it`ll become heavier while immersed and require some efforts to pull out. A transport caddy isn`t included in the kit.

  • tangle-free floating cable
  • cleans both floor and walls
  • fine and ultra-fine filter cartridges
  • 2 hours of cleaning
  • Smart navigation
  • scheduling with three settings
  • energy-saving
  • no transport caddy included
  • does not clean waterline
  • no remote control

5. Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

The next model in our top is Dolphin Nautilus CC, which unique feature is compatibility with both above ground and inground pools up to 33 ft. As you can see from the name, this Dolphin is rather similar to the previous Nautilus CC Plus, though being a more moderate cleaner.

So, here I noted the same 2 hours cleaning with a scrubbing brush, but this model has only one rubber roller. Water and debris come through filtering, and instead of dual cartridges, it uses a top-load filter basket. It turned out to be not so thorough, though I liked capacity and the easiness of emptying.

Unfortunately, I couldn`t use smart navigation or app control in my Nautilus CC, but handy remote control and scheduling atone many inconveniences. The touch screen offers remote on/off, energy-saving mode, and three scheduling settings for a week. In all cases, the Dolphin processes the floor and climbs the walls.

As far as this cleaner was designed for smaller pools and equipped with simpler filling, I could say it`s as energy-saving as all other Dolphin models and very lightweight. Anyway, I never had any difficulties with its transportation and liked the water release system.

Still, during cleaning, I often faced the problem of tangled cable, which limited the cleaner`s maneuverability, as this Nautilus CC has no tangle-free or floating cord.

  • suitable for both above ground and inground pools
  • comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces
  • large filter basket with convenient top load
  • fast performance within 2 hours
  • 3 scheduling settings for a week
  • Very lightweight
  • energy-saving
  • does not require booster pumps or additional equipment
  • no tangle-free cable
  • does not clean waterline
  • random navigation

6. Dolphin Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Triton PS deeply impressed me with its efficiency and climbing abilities. This pool cleaner showed one of the best cleaning results and managed to work on walls and waterline as thoroughly as on the bottom without slipping and dirt missing. Though lacking smart navigation, it has excellent dual scrubbing elements and the PowerStream mobility system with multiple jets, which contribute to maneuverability and dirt collection.

As usual, here, the debris comes into a large filter basket with top loading. I also liked rather fast 2 hours cleaning with scheduling for every day, every other day, and every third day operation. Dolphin Triton PS is designed for large inground pools up to 50 feet, but, in fact, all these features helped clean my 30 ft pool even faster than for two hours.

The cleaner`s design deserves a separate mention. Triton series has an outstandingly bright case made in yellow and black colors, while all other Dolphins prefer more restrained blue, white, and grey tones (like Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner, for example).

The manufacturer claims the cleaner weighs only 16.5 pounds and is equipped with a water release system. When pulling out, it felt rather heavier, but I can`t say it`s in any way bulky. Besides, here I had no problems with a 60 ft cord due to the anti-tangling technology.

  • works on the floor and easily climbs walls and waterline
  • PowerStream mobility system with multiple jets
  • dynamic dual scrubbers
  • fast 2 hours cleaning
  • 3 scheduling settings
  • handy control module
  • large filter basket
  • tangle-free cable
  • bright and lightweight case
  • random navigation
  • no smartphone control
  • some users faced clogging when removing leaves and large debris

7. Dolphin Advantage Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

After trying Dolphin Advantage, I concluded that this pool cleaner is a helpful average among Dolphin models. I can`t say it features any unique or smart technologies, but it`s equipped with all standard functions presented in other Maytronics Dolphins and necessary for proper pool cleaning. Thanks to such functionality at an affordable price, Advantage automatic pool cleaner is listed in this top.

So, here we see a cleaner for owners of 33 feet inground pools who are looking for thorough floor and walls processing. Operation is based on a single scrubbing roller, powerful suction Maytronics motor, and filtering capability of dirt basket.

Standard cleaning takes the usual 2 hours. Users can also take control module and choose one of the three scheduling modes for every day, every other day, and every third day performance.

Being made for medium-sized pools, Dolphin Advantage has compact dimensions, small weight, and long enough cord.

As I said, here, you cannot see smartphone control, smart navigation, tangle-free cable, waterline cleaning. Nevertheless, Advantage gives all conveniences of automatic pool cleaner, which will please any user who doesn`t chase for the latest innovations.
  • a standard set of functions
  • no booster pump or installation required
  • floor and walls cleaning
  • an energy-efficient powerful suction motor
  • capacious filter container with top loading
  • 2 hours cleaning
  • scheduling options
  • compact dimensions
  • does not process steps and waterline
  • random navigation
  • no smartphone capabilities
  • no tangle-free cable
  • not very thorough filtration

8. Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

The final model of our review belongs to the category of smart navigating automatic pool cleaners. Here, I met not only the usual Dolphin features but also some innovative technologies.

Thus, when using Dolphin Nautilus, I forgot about random navigation. This cleaner is one of a few Dolphins, which apply CleverClean scanning. It means, the device scanned my pool, determined all obstacles, and engaged smart algorithms for choosing the best route.

Smart navigation and dual scrubbing allow top floor and walls cleaning. I was a bit disappointed that such a hi-tech model doesn`t clean steps and waterline.

However, the cleaner`s filtration pleased me very much. Nautilus is equipped with more efficient dual cartridges for filtration of both large and fine debris. The only drawback is not very convenient bottom loading.

As the cleaner is aimed at large inground pools up to 50 feet, it has rather long 3 hour operation time. Unfortunately, Nautilus doesn`t offer a schedule set, so all management is performed manually.

Also, the cleaner has a long 60 ft cable, and its anti-tangling construction turned out to be really useful.

  • floor and wall cleaning
  • long tangle-free cable
  • dual scrubbing brushes
  • dual filter cartridges for large and fine debris
  • CleverClean scanning
  • weighs only 16.5 pounds
  • energy-saving
  • does not clean steps and waterline
  • no scheduling and remote control
  • inconvenient bottom-load filter cartridges
  • a rather long operation time
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Buyer`s Guide – How to Choose the Best Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner

How to Choose the Best Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner
So, after we`ve got acquainted with the best Maytronics Dolphin cleaners, some users may still have difficulties in choosing a model that will suit their pools 100%.

That`s why, before making the final choice, I recommend looking at several crucial factors that should be noted.

How Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work? Do You Need One?

Robotic pool cleaners work independently from the pool`s booster pumps and filters. They are plugged into a regular household power outlet. They usually use an electric motor, high suction, and special scrubbing brushes, which eliminate the dirt. Besides, an automatic cleaner is equipped with smart technologies like navigation, scanning, smartphone control, and scheduling.

You need such a device if you have a medium or large pool with a complicated surface, which is often used.

Automatic cleaners are also useful for people who are looking for totally autonomous intelligent robots with remote control. Plus, you`ll like them, if you want an energy-saving item, which can clean, filter, and improve water circulation at the same time.

Pool Type and Size

Before buying a cleaner, please pay attention to what type of pool it is designed. A model for inground reservoirs won`t be suitable for above ground pools and vice versa.

Such difference can be explained by materials, of which the pool is made. For example, one cleaner deals with fiberglass and vinyl; another does not. However, Maytronics offers several Dolphin cleaners, which can work in both pool types like Dolphin Nautilus CC.

The size of the pool is essential, too, as a model can be produced for medium basins up to 30 feet or large pools up to 50 feet. Consequently, they have different productivity, the capacity of baskets, and cable length.

What Surfaces the Robot Can Clean

Each pool cleaner can work on flat surfaces like the bottom. However, many users need more comprehensive cleaning, which includes processing of walls, steps, and waterline. These surfaces are much more slippery, and the cleaner must use some particular technologies to climb them.

That`s why if you have a big pool or require extra cleanliness, you`d better check what pool elements your Dolphin can deal with. For instance, Dolphin Plus cordless robotic pool cleaner is one of the best, as it cleans all surfaces, never being disturbed by cable.


As we understood from the model reviews, the majority of Dolphins use random navigation. It gives a superior cleaning result, but blind vacuuming takes more time and can be less efficient for large pools.

After testing, I realized that even cleaners with random movement left my 30 ft pool clean, so I don`t feel like spending extra money on this function. But if your basin is bigger, you`ll probably think smart navigation to be a necessary and worthy addition.


Nowadays, Dolphin automatic pool cleaners use two types of filtration – filter baskets and cartridges. While baskets cope with the task pretty well and offer top loading and easy emptying, cartridges are still considered to be more productive.

Dual cartridge filtration allows catching not only large debris but also fine particles. However, sometimes they can be more complicated in maintenance.

Remote Control and Scheduling

One of the best things in automatic pool cleaners is their independence. They can work without extra installation and monitoring, leaving us more free time. Such technologies, like remote and smartphone control, as well as schedule, contribute to the cleaners` autonomy.
Inevitably, a Dolphin with such abilities is better than its less innovative brothers. You can set the day and time of operation and turn it on/off from anywhere. But everything in the world has its price.

So, if you have a small pool and use it rarely, such investment may become not very beneficial. Anyway, the final choice is yours.


If you`re a healthy man full of strength, this factor has no importance to you. But if you`re a lady or you`re looking for a pool cleaner for elderly relatives, people with back pain, and other health problems/restrictions, you should consider the weight of the device.

As far as we have to immerse and lift the cleaners manually and rather often, significant weight enlarged by extra water significantly affects the spine and can worsen poor health. Better choose light models up to 20 lb with water release systems. Also, you can buy transport caddy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dolphin pool cleaner is the best for inground pools?

Among all Maytronics automatic pool cleaners presented, Dolphin Oasis Z5i has the broadest set of functions and the most innovative technologies.
It works with large pools up to 50 feet and thoroughly cleans all surfaces from bottom to slippery walls and waterline. Here we see dual scrubbing rollers, twin cartridge filtering for large and fine debris, long tangle-free cable.
But the most attractive features are scheduling and remote control through Bluetooth and MyDolphin App. You`re free to set one of three scheduling scenarios and monitor your cleaner from the smartphone.
However, mind that Oasis cannot boast of smart navigation, so operation is random.


How often should I run my Dolphin cleaner?

The frequency of cleaner usage depends on your preference. Some owners clean their pools daily, some weekly, etc.
However, there are stated sanitary standards, according to which a pool requires daily or every other day cleaning if used every daily. If a pool is used once a week or rarely, specialists recommend performing cleaning directly before swimming or at least once a week.

Can I leave my Dolphin pool cleaner in the pool?

Many users prefer keeping their pool cleaners in the pool all the time. Thus, you can leave your Dolphin cleaner in the pool after operation just as safely, if it`s filled with pure water.
If you add some chemicals to water, the manufacturer recommends lifting the device, as these cleaning agents and disinfectants can damage the cleaner.

Why did my Dolphin pool cleaner stop working?

If your Dolphin automatic pool cleaner stopped working, there could be several causes.
First, check the cable. It can be unplugged or damaged. In the case of a cable error, the cleaner will be still.
The second cause is clogging. If some debris clogged the port, it prevents normal suction and further operation. Turn the cleaner off, remove the trouble, and try to continue the process.
Sometimes there can be remote control errors and cleaner froze. Then try to reset your Dolphin as stated in the manual.
If all previous causes are eliminated, and the device still doesn`t work, you probably have more severe breakage, which cannot be fixed yourself. Contact the user`s service for further information and help.

How do I empty my Dolphin pool cleaner?

To empty and clean your Dolphin, you should remove a filter basket or cartridge (it depends on the filtering system of your device), throw away all large debris, and rinse the filter. Then put it back and continue pool cleaning. Emptying is necessary after every operation.
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In conclusion, I`d like to say that though being very expensive, automatic pool cleaners totally justify such price.

At the moment, they offer the best performance and the most intelligent features like smart navigation, scheduling, etc.

However, even the simplest Dolphins showed excellent performance during tests. Most of all, I loved their scrubbing brushes and climbing abilities, which left no chance to dirt. Besides, almost all cleaners offer quite useful scheduling.

Maytronics Dolphin cleaners stand out from other brands. You can find a device for both inground and above ground basins. Besides, the abundance of models allows us to choose the cleaner with only those functions we really need. For example, there are Oasis and Plus with remote control, and there is the Dolphin Advantage with minimum functions for the perfect result.

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