Top 14 Best Dolphin Pool Cleaners – Buying Guide

  1. Which model would you recommend to try for a pool with spa zone? I’ve got lots of obstacles so I guess a nice navigation is necessary.

    • Hi, Rob! Thank you very much for your question! You’re right, owners of pools with many obstacles like stairs, niches, underwater light systems, spa and massage zones should pay special attention to navigation system offered by the cleaner. In our review, we’d like to highlight Dolphin Escape and Quantum with SmartNav 2.0 systems as well as Nautilus and Proteus models with CleverClean technology.

  2. Can Dolphin Escape clean waterline?

  3. I had Dolphin Mercury before moving into a new house. Nice model though I had deals with app connection periodically. Perhaps, that was my wifi, but anyway I didn’t really need app. So, I guess you may save a couple hundred dollars and get non-wifi cleaner with the same cleaning results.

    • Hi, Riaya! Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us! We’re sure our readers will find it useful in choosing their perfect model.

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