Intex Pool Pumps: Pumps With Utmost Efficiency

Your swimming pool needs a pump and filter. Without these key accessories, your pool is simply a stagnant body of water. The latest Intex pool pumps offer budget-friendly filtration and circulation of your pool water. Intex is one company leading the way to great recreational pumps.

Intex History

Intex Recreation Corp. has been bringing smiles and outdoor fun to families for over 40 years now. With over 100 countries where the Intex products are distributed, it’s of high importance that this company tests its products. In many of its modern facilities, the final product is tested before being packaged and sold at retail. This company’s adherence to safety standards and a dedication to its customers and sterling reputation make Intex and the Intex pool pumps and filters valuable purchases.

Types of Pool Pumps

Intex swimming pool pumps come in various applications. If you want a cartridge-based system, they offer these pool pumps in a durable form between $50 and $120 or so. Most intex above ground pool pumps come in cartridge or sand filter form. These cartridges should be changed according to the manufacturer’s specification. For both cartridge and sand filter type of pumps, the parts and support needed for these are available straight from Intex itself.

Reasons to Get a Pool Pump

Pool pumps are essential. It’s important to keep water moving because, otherwise, it will develop bacteria when it is stagnant. It is also vital to make sure Intex pool pumps are installed properly because they help drive your filter system as well. Without proper filtration and movement of your pool water, the following will occur.

  • Bacteria forms
  • Water becomes murky
  • The swimming experience is compromised
  • pH levels come off-balance and may cause skin irritation

And you may even void the warranty of your pool if you do not maintain it per manufacturer’s suggestion.

How to Find the Right Pump

Intex pool pumps are easy to find. You can order the pumps and accessories digitally even along with replacement parts. The company makes it easy to find their service number and according to online reviews, the company is helpful and straightforward. The right pump for you will depend on a few key factors you’ll want to calculate before selection.

Pool size – Consult your Intex pool pump manuals to make sure you have the proper calculation of pool capacity. This is vital.

Flow rate / Turnover – Your usage and pool size will have recommended flow rate and turnover figures. These refer to how much water will consistently, and at maximum, flow through your filter as well as how long it will take to fully pump all your pool’s water in a cycle.

Resistance – This helps select your pump as well. It refers to all the fittings and piping required to transport your pool water. The more resistance, the more force needed to move the water. So measurements should be accurate.

Keep your swimming pools in utmost performance. For quality and clarity of water, safety assurance, and warranty preservation, a pool pump is necessary.

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Intex Pool Pumps