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Dolphin vs. Polaris

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I’m researching robotic cleaners and have found Dolphin and Polaris to be the most popular. But I’m confused by all the mixed comments on both. My pool is more of a cocktail pool, 10,000 gallons, in the ground, gunite, tile around the top, but No rocks, waterfalls or a hot tub…just a simple pool. I want the robot to clean the floor, walls, and water line and not be super heavy. Have eliminated most of the trees but still get some debris in the pool come fall time. Jacuzzi has also been recommended to me, made by Polaris. The rack is nice but not necessary. I’d appreciate any advice; thank you.

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You have such a small pool without slopes and special form; you really can buy the cheapest robotic pool cleaner that can handle the waterline. To my knowledge, the Dolphin Proteus DX4 is one of the cheapest in the Dolphin brand.

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