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Recommend an inexpensive pool vacuum cleaner within $500. There are many brands, how to choose?

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I like to read your blog about swimming pools. I have a metal-framed Intex swimming pool with a standard pool filter and a pump. For regular maintenance, I use a brush with a pole and add chlorine tablets in a floating chlorinator several times per season. I want to decrease the time spent cleaning and purchase a pool vacuum cleaner suitable for my pool. Can you recommend something?

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I wonder if you can take the pressure or suction side… Do you know the characteristics of your pool pump? It might be much better to purchase a simple robot for floor cleaning. But as I understand, you have an above-ground pool, so all cleaners can’t climb walls.

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I have an Intex 330 Cartridge filter pump. Its flow rate is 330 gallons per hour for my 800-gallon above-ground swimming pool.

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