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Polaris 280 vs. 360 which one to choose?

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I've been using a Polaris 180 for my pool, and it's been quite reliable. A few years back, I upgraded its booster pump, but now, after extensive use for over a decade and a half, it's time for a new pool cleaner. 😋

While I know that the Polaris 360 operates without a booster pump, a shift from the 180's design, I'm leaning towards the Polaris 280 due to its similarity to the 180, which I'm well-versed in.

I'm seeking opinions from others here: between the Polaris 280 and the Polaris 360, which would likely be the better choice for my needs? 👍 👍 👍 

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Based on your experience with the Polaris 180 and considering you already have an upgraded booster pump, I'd recommend the Polaris 280. It's similar to the 180 in operation, so you'll find it familiar and easy to use. Plus, it's designed to work with a booster pump, making the most of your existing setup. If energy efficiency is a concern, then consider the Polaris 360. It doesn't need a booster pump, potentially reducing energy costs, but it will be a bit different from what you're used to.

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Polaris 280 sounds like the logical choice 😎 

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