Best Pool Cleaner Haward Tigershark QC rc9990gr

Introduction – Pool Cleaner Haward Tigershark

The last thing a pool owner will want to see is a dirty pool especially on a hot summer day, and you have spent the whole morning mowing. After a long morning of work, all a pool owner needs is a ready to cool off, and some fun and nothing is more fulfilling than swimming. To ensure you swim peacefully, you need a clean swimming pool, one that can be clean regularly as well as effectively. If you are a victim of dirty pool, worry less as we have got a solution for you. Let me introduce to you the Hayward Tigershark QC rc9990gr, simply known as the tiger shark pool cleaner. This product has been recommended as among the most effective pool cleaners in the market today.

Best Pool Cleaner Haward Tigershark QC rc9990gr

Features and accessories of the Haward Tigershark QC rc9990gr

Hayward Tiger Shark pool cleaner is a robotic machine which helps in cleaning the pool. It is not remote controlled as it uses an intelligent microprocessor based technology (technology that uses a chip). They have an on-board pump which is energy efficient and also a strong vacuum power. It also, according to the Hayward publication has a superior dirt and debris pick up. The tiger shark has a roller brush which is used to scrubs the pool floor and walls when at work. This robot does not require additional hose and pump as it works separately from the pools filtration system.

The Hayward tiger shark has a 24-volt motor design which prevents overheating of the machine. Also, the 24- volt motor ensures that it uses less energy and lowers its cost. The cartridges, according to the Hayward publication, is unique and makes it easy to empty it. You just need to open the cleaner, remove the cartridge and clean it using a hose.

The tiger shark vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of accessories. One of the accessories is the replacement filter elements. These elements consist of two cartridges that are used as replacements when the machine is damaged. Another accessory that comes with it is the spring cleaner filter elements. This consists of two coarse cartridges filaments that are used to vacuum large quantities of heavy debris.

Another accessory is the tiger shark premium caddy cart which is used for storage of the cleaner, power supply, and the cords. It also shuts down automatically after it finishes its cycle.

How to achieve optimal performance

The cleaner’s cartridges should be cleaned thoroughly after or as often to ensure optimal performance.

Remove all the large materials from the pool that may obstruct the machine from its performance. Clean the filters frequently when the pool is excessively dirty.

If the cleaner doesn’t climb the wall vertically, it should not worry you as it is normal. Also, the filter may stop in the middle of the pool and start reversing which is also normal.

The cleaner should only be started when inside the pool, and when it is fully submerged.

Ensure that you plug into a ground fault circuit interrupter protected 110-120 volt AC outlet. Ensure that the minimum power supply is at the lowest distance of 10 feet from the pool edge.

How to achieve optimal performance

How it works

Waterline scrubbing:

  • Make sure the filters are clean.
  • Place the unit in the pool and allow the unit to go through several cycles to get the average estimates.
  • Observe the waterline climbing height.
  • If the unit starts making clinking sounds, intake air into the bottom inlet or falls off rather than reversing back down, it shows that the unit is probably climbing too high.

Place the unit in the pool and allow the unit to go through several cycles to get the average estimates.

Pros and cons

  • It is used in pools that are big as 20 feet by 40 feet.
  • It is easy to install
  • It has its pump; hence there is no need for the addition of pumps.
  • It is cheap compared to other robotic cleaning machines.
  • It can make a 90 min clean, quick procedure.
  • It covers a wide area of the pools including the walls pool floor and cloves.
  • It works on almost all the pool surface.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is not remotely controlled hence tedious to work with.
  • It requires more safety checks before it is put to work.

Comparison between the Tigershark RC 9950gr and rc9990 gr

The two brands of the tiger shark series are almost similar in terms of specification. They both do similar work and have great features. The only known difference is the cleaning cycle. While the RC 9950gr makes a 3 hours cleaning cycle, the RC 9990gr makes the 3 hrs cleaning cycle and can also make a 90min quick turn. This makes the rc9990 a more superior brand regarding work rate.


Can the cleaner fail to pick up heavy debris?

Yes is the appropriate answer, the cleaner can fail to pick up the debris if the filters are clogged. The high-velocity inlet bottom lead may be clogged hence cannot suction the heavy debris thus cleaning should be done for the proper functioning of the machine.

Can the cleaner fail to pick up heavy debris?

Why does the tiger shark starts working momentarily and then stops?

This is due to the impeller being clogged; you should check it and clean it for efficiency. Also, it may be due to the rollers and drive trucks being stuck. You should check for the debris and clean it if it is necessary. It may also stop because the unit is out of the water. If so, put it back in the water and switch it on.

Can it climb a pool?

Yes, at its optimal performance it should climb the walls, if not, ensure that the filters are clean and the brushes are not worn out.

To conclude, as you have seen the Hayward company strives to give the best unit that could help in the cleaning of the pool. I advise you to purchase this product when you want a clean swimming pool.

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