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Dolphin Quantum vs Tigershark vs Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

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I noticed that you didn’t compare the Dolphin Quantum, which does waterline cleaning and is similar in cost to the Tigershark. I was comparing the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus with the Tigershark, and I’m worried that I really need to include a model that does waterline cleaning.

We’ve had a Tigershark for the past several years, and the past two years have been nothing but trouble replacing the track and trying to keep it running so I wasn’t sure we wanted to replace it with the same thing.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on the Quantum which I think is the next step up from the the CC Plus, and/or whether I’m putting too much emphasis on waterline cleaning. Thanks for your help!

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Yes, we haven't compared the Dolphin Quantum with the Nautilus CC Plus and Tigershark; on our website, we only have a comparison with the Dolphin Premier. We will definitely conduct such a comparison in the near future.

Regarding your question, if you'd like to hear my opinion, the Dolphin Quantum does indeed represent a step forward compared to the Nautilus CC Plus and offers waterline cleaning, which can be a valuable feature.

Cleaning the waterline can be important for maintaining the pristine appearance of your pool and preventing the buildup of contaminants along the waterline. If you've noticed such issues in the past, purchasing a cleaner like the Dolphin Quantum may help address them more effectively.

Comparing the Dolphin Quantum and Tigershark, we can note the following:

1) A clear advantage of the Dolphin Quantum is waterline cleaning.
2) Additionally, the Dolphin Quantum has excellent navigation, which allows it to handle tasks more efficiently.
3) And the most significant difference from the Tigershark is fewer complaints about technical issues; many users report problems with maintenance with the Tigershark.

I recommend you read our comparison, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer.

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