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  1. Hi, Susan! Great question, thank you for your interest! Zodiac MX6 is a less powerful cleaner that is developed for smaller pools. Though it features only 1 power turbine, 32 in. hose, and a shorter cleaning path, we note the same traction, very close cleaning technology and navigation. That’s why we think it is an up-to-date pool cleaner. It uses simpler technologies but is equal to other Zodiac devices.

  2. Hi, Christy! Thank you for your question! Hayward Wanda 900 works quite efficiently. Regardless of the appearance, it’s not a toy and should last at least 1 year. So, it definitely should survive hits against the pool walls during common cleaning. Unfortunately, the manufacturer uses too many plastic and rubber components, which make it not as durable as we wish.

  3. Hi, Mark! Excellent question, thanks a lot! WiFi connection and app control don’t directly influence performance, but they will greatly contribute to the ease and comfort of cleaner usage. Polaris 9650IQ works as efficient as Polaris F9550 with remote control. However, with the IQ device, you can set a schedule, start and control cleaning from any place in the world (at work, for example). Besides, only Polaris 9650IQ will notify you of necessary replacements and maintenance. If you don’t need these options, grab the F9550.

  4. Hello, Ethan! Thank you for your question, it’s a truly important moment for all customers. Unfortunately, inflatable products are not as durable as their vinyl, plastic or acrylic brothers. However, with proper grounding, maintenance, and winterization, manufacturers guarantee us at least 3 years of usage. Please pay attention to the warranty your brand provides for the product as well as to the presence of repair kits. These will help you ensure your investment and prolong the hot tub’s life.

  5. Hello, Mason! Thank you for your question! The answer is yes, definitely. Since Pentair SuperFlo is a variable speed pump, you just need to figure out how much flow you need to turn your water over. The model is powerful enough for pools over 30 000 gallons. Real users’ reviews prove it works great.

  6. Hello, Patrick! Thank you for helping us making our review more detailed and informing other readers of new models! Zodiac MX8 Elite is a truly worthy option. And you’re absolutely right; the main difference between the MX8 and the MX8 Elite pool cleaners is the scrubbing brushes and the turbines. It’s the first suction pool cleaner with Cyclonic Scrubbing Brushes that continually spin, scrub, and stay in constant contact with pool surfaces to agitate and remove stuck-on debris.
    However, when choosing the model, you should consider your debris type and current needs.

  7. Hello, Melanie! Thank you very much for your question! In our opinion, Intex Krystal Clear series would be an optimal option for a pool of your configuration and size. The 12-inch Sand Filter Pump will offer the best performance (not too great for the 33ft pool) for an affordable price.

  8. Hello, Archy! Thank you very much for your question! If you don’t like A ladders, we’d recommend you Confer Staircase Style STEP-1-X. This model is more stable, has nice and safe railings and wide steps. Besides, the height is perfect for your pool.

  9. Hello, Marta! Thank you very much for your question! Pool heaters do help keep water warm, especially in internal pools and small to medium pools (like your size). However, please mind that, concerning your climate, the operation may cost you a lot.

  10. Hello, Greg! Thank you very much for your question! Yes, robotic pool cleaners with multiple cleaning cycles or energy-saving modes will cost you as much as an ordinary vacuum cleaner or a fridge – i.e., you’ll hardly notice it in the bills.

  11. Hello, Liza! Thank you very much for your question! Indeed, original filter pumps that come with above ground pools are not always powerful and durable enough. So, you can easily replace yours with a better sand filter model. We’d only recommend you choosing a pump of the same brand presented in your pool for an optimal match.

  12. Hello, Ben! Thank you very much for your question! Most Dolphins are developed for inground pools. However, you may try Dolphin E10? which is suitable for rigid above ground pools.

  13. Hello, Rachel! Zodiac MX series cleaners are compatible with various pool filter pumps. However, please mind that some models (like the MX6) require no pumps at all.

  14. Hello, Din! Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us! Practice shows that the best way to get perfectly fitable products is to get them from one manufacturer. So, perhaps, you’ve got such a case.

  15. Hello, Dee! Thank you very much for your question! As a rule, prism pools come with a much thicker and tougher liner. Besides, we note greater dimensions. There is a too small chance of getting a perfectly fittable frame for your old liner and vice versa. That’s why manufacturers do not recommend such replacements (neither do we).

  16. Hello, NC! Thanks for your comment. You’re the first to notice) We’re glad this tribute cheered you up. Hope she would enjoy it too.

  17. Hello, Ashton! Thank you very much for your question! On average, a good water pressure booster pumps lasts for 5-8 years.

  18. Hello, Mike! Thank you very much for your question! The models presented in this review cannot automatically turn off their pumps to avoid short circuit. However, we can recommend you Intex FBA_28211EH 12 ft x 30 in frame pool that offers such a smart filter pump with the inbuilt Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

  19. Hello, Nancy! Thank you very much for your question! Yes, Polaris sells its TialSweep Pro unit separately for initial installation or replacement of all elements.

  20. Hello, Irena! Thank you very much for your question! Pentair WhisperFlo 011512 Single Speed Pool Pump is one of our favorites when it comes to pumps for above-ground pools. It’s affordable, universal, reasonably powerful (which is especially important for small above-ground pools).

  21. Hello, Rorry! Thank you very much for your question! If choosing a pump for an above-ground pool, we’d recommend trying a quieter Whisper series by Pentair. These pumps are not the most powerful, but we don’t need it in above-ground pools. An optimal combination of silent work and decent power may please you a lot.

  22. Hello, Max! Thank you very much for your question! Polaris cleaners we’ve discussed in this review are designed for inground pools. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend using them with above-ground pools. You can find lots of decent alternatives in our other comparisons.

  23. Hello, Conni! Thank you very much for your question! The manufacturer does not recommend using other brands’ product parts for repair and replacement. Please, try to contact the Coleman user’s support service or get a new Coleman portable hot tub (the same model you own).

  24. Hello, Greg! Thank you very much for your question! The only thing we can say for sure is that your pump and vacuum do not match each other. The problem can be solved in both ways you mentioned – you’ll need to change either the pump or the vac. For us, it seems more beneficial to replace the pump since the original Krystal Clear cartridge devices included in the Intex pool kits offer basic-level water processing. That’s why they are not very powerful and durable, and you’ll need to get a new one pretty soon. So why not do it now?

  25. Hello, Scott! Thank you very much for your comment! We are sure you purchased a worthy pool. Though many manufacturers don’t recommend using inground pool accessories on above ground pools, some of them are applicable if you have a large above ground pool. You can check this good section and get acquainted with other customers’ experience. We wish you good luck!

  26. Hello, Phil! Thank you very much for your question! We mean that with Polaris 360, you don’t need to connect your cleaner with a pump for its proper work. Both the pump and the cleaner can work simultaneously but independent from each other. Other Pentair models require connection.

  27. Hello, Rachel! Thank you very much for your question! Suction pool cleaners combine powerful automatic performance and affordable price. It does not include app control. This function is typical for the top-level (and expensive) robotic pool cleaners. If you’re looking for a model with app control, try Dolphin or Hayward TigerShark devices.

  28. Hello, Eugene! Thank you very much for your question! If you’re looking for a quiet pump, we’d recommend you trying Pentair WhisperFlo series. This is the latest Pentair pump line that features super-silent performance.

  29. Hello, Ann! Thank you very much for your question! Hot tubs are not very deep, so they are suitable for teenagers and kids over 8 years old. However, please mind that high temperatures may destructively affect a child’s health. So, please never leave your kids unattended when in the hot tub, and don’t allow them to stay in for longer than 10 minutes. Also, pay attention that hot tubs are strictly prohibited for babies and toddlers.

  30. Hello, Tom! Thank you very much for your question! Pentair produces very powerful pumps; that’s why they suit large inground pools mostly. But if you’d like to try Pentair pumps only for your above ground pool, we can recommend you Pentair WhisperFlo 011512 model.

  31. Hello, Greg! Thank you very much for your question!
    1. Each liner is made especially for a definite pool model. That’s why (unfortunately) the manufacturer nor we can guarantee that a Bestways 16ft x 48inch liner will fit an Intex pool.
    2. Bestway and Intex above ground pools come with filter pumps included in the kit, and you cannot delete them from your order. However, ladders are optional accessories.

  32. Hello, Tom! Thank you very much for your comment and kind words! Your experience will greatly help our readers!

  33. Hello, Cynthia! Thank you very much for your question! Pool cleaners are made to stay in water for hours, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Still, water condition and chemicals in it may damage your cleaner after long-term contact. That’s why manufacturers and experts recommend removing pool cleaners from the water after use.

  34. Hello, Bob! Thank you very much for your question! Dolphin robots described in this review work independently from pool pump systems. According to users’ reviews, a robotic cleaner costs several bucks per month, so it shouldn’t significantly increase your electricity bills.

  35. Hello, Mila! Thank you very much for your question! Pentair pumps by the SuperFlo series are designed for swimming pools. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend using for other purposes.

  36. Hello, Jan! Thank you very much for your kind words and such an interesting question! I should say your pool has a pretty complex shape with lots of slopes and steps. Indeed, Polaris 3900 will deal with most dirt inside, but some particles will be left since it has no special navigation. We’d recommend you trying robotic pool cleaners with navigation like Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. The price is the same as in Polaris 3900. But here you get the CleverClean route planning, floor/walls/steps processing, ability to set schedule, and some other handy tips. You can find more information about Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus in our review. Hope our team will make a choice easier for you.

  37. Hello, Diane! Thank you very much for your trust and questions! This is an interesting comparison. We’ll do our best to purchase these cleaner models and review them in one of our future articles.

  38. Hello, Brittney! Thank you very much for your appreciation!)

  39. Hello, Sophia! Thank you very much for your question! Intex Automatic pool cleaner produces about 75-80 dB. We can say it works pretty loud when you’re near the pool, but the unit should not disturb you or your neighbors during night cleanings.

  40. Hello, Philip! Thank you very much for your question! Scrubbers in Polaris Sport pool cleaners are durable enough to serve you for years. As far as we know, the manufacturer doesn’t require any replacements here.

  41. Hello, Rico! Thank you very much for your question! Bestway and Intex manufacturers strictly recommend preparing the ground before the pool installation regardless of the pool type, model, and size.

  42. Hello, Chris! Thank you very much for your question! We’d recommend making a slightly bigger grounding for your pool for your comfort. A 15 x 33/35 ft grounding will be enough for a 12 x 30 pool.

  43. Hello, Jack! Thank you very much for your question! Chemical dispensers and floating systems are quite efficient for small and medium-sized pools as well as hot tubs. Water flow disperses chemicals all over the reservoir. The main thing is to change chemical tablets regularly.

  44. Hello, Kimberly! Thank you very much for your question! There is no official information on Dolphin pool cleaners’ noise level. However, many users state they work pretty quietly. You will not hear it working or be disturbed by the bot.

  45. Hello, Fredy! Thank you very much for your question! Polaris Sport F9450 and F9550 pool cleaners have the best navigation technologies available in Polaris robotic cleaners. Thus, they will easily bypass most pool obstacles like stairs, built-in lights, spa jets, etc. Your special pool zones will not disturb the cleaning, and both models will perform their work as thoroughly as possible.

  46. Hello, Amanda! Thank you very much for your question! Indeed, Intex Krystal Clear series filter pumps are perfectly compatible with saltwater systems, especially those by the Intex brand. The best-selling models include Krystal Clear 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch. You may learn everything about them in our Best Intex Pool Pumps for Above-Ground Pools review. The 14-inch model is a golden mean in terms of performance and price, which will suit your needs.

  47. Hello, Mike! Thank you very much for your comment! We’ll certainly check the current information.

  48. Hello, Beth! Thank you very much for your high appreciation and kind words!)

  49. Hello, Danny! Thank you for your question! Yes, Polaris 380 will definitely cope with your type of pool. Please, only mind the hose length and adjust it if you need a longer or a shorter option.

  50. Hello, Robert! Thank you very much for your question! As far as we know, the manufacturer didn’t state any changes in hose sizes included in Polaris 380 pool cleaner. However, in case of any uncertainty, please contact the nearest retailer or Polaris Help Center.

  51. Hello, Zoey! Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your user experience with our readers!

  52. Hello, Michael! Thank you very much for your question! Manufacturers and experts highly recommend preparing the ground for your pool regardless of its construction type. Even inflatable models need a flat, safe, clean surface. Thus, you’ll avoid punctures, leaning, and injuries.

  53. Hello, Paul! Thank you very much for your comment. Indeed, some robot pool cleaners cost under $1000, which makes them a more affordable purchase compared to Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900. Still, there are lots of pool owners who prefer pressure side cleaners only or whose pool systems are better compatible with pressure side devices. Also, this is the most powerful pressure side cleaner by Polaris. That’s why the 3900 model stays relevant. Besides, during sales seasons, its price drops to $750, so you can make a more beneficial purchase then.

  54. Hello, Landon! Thank you very much for your comment and true user experience! Reductions in the energy economy are sometimes possible if you run a pump longer than it’s needed. Anyway, it’s great you shared your opinion with us to help other customers.

  55. Hello, Anthony! Thank you so much for your comment! It’s great that you could share your experience with our readers. This will help everyone get a more detailed picture, and this will also help us in our future reviews.

  56. Hello, Tom! Thank you for your question! On average, a cartridge filter costs about $10. Prices start from $7 and reach $30 if you purchase a pack. Manufacturers recommend changing a cartridge filter in your pump every 2 weeks. So, the maintenance will cost you about $20 per month.

  57. Hello, Kitty! Thank you so much for your comment! Your experience will be definitely valuable for our readers and greatly help us. Polaris 3900 models may face more significant problems with leaning and getting stuck because of the full bag. The 3900 series cleaners come with bigger bags compared to the 280 model. Once it’s full, it outweighs the body. Anyway, your comfort is the main goal. So, we believe you’re absolutely right in choosing the model that will suit your requirements better.

  58. Hello, Bella! Thank you for your question! All suction pool cleaners presented in the review work equally well in pools of all shapes. So, you can safely get Hayward 2025ADV PoolVac XL Suction Pool Vacuum for your oval pool.

  59. Hello, Rita! Thank you very much for your question! Indeed, all inflatable products need to be inflated from time to time. The frequency depends on how often you use the tub and whether it has punctures or not. We’d recommend inflating a hot tub at least once per week for rare use and every three days for frequent use.

  60. Hello, Yvonne! Thank you very much for your question! The manufacturer strictly recommends using only original liners and frames to make sure they fit each other and provide you with a safe, solid, and comfortable pool. The liner that comes with your pool frame is the best match. Other options will not fit.

  61. Hello, Edward! Thank you for your question! Over time, tires wear out, so it’s better to change them to support proper driving and climbing results. The frequency of replacement depends on the frequency of your cleaner use. On average, the tire lasts for 1-2 years. You can look for an extra set here.

  62. Hello, Dean! Thank you very much for your question! As far as we know, these Pentair and Hayward pumps allow one way of installation with a fixed position. But with Hayward, the manual contains instructions for reorienting the discharge for those who’d like to rearrange the pump.

  63. Hello, Ashton! Thank you for your question! Maytronics does not recommend using extension cords for its powered Dolphin products. The proximity of water can cause a short circuit, cleaner breakage, and even fire.

  64. Hello, Frito! Thank you very much for your question! Polaris 360 pool cleaner doesn’t require a booster pump for its operation because it works with lower pressures. A booster pump may cause damage to your cleaner. However, you can still purchase Polaris 360 and use it for your pool cleaning. Please only don’t forget to turn the pump off during the cleaner’s operation. We’d also recommend consulting with Polaris customers’ support service before making the final decision.

  65. Hello, Charly! Thank you very much for your question! Yes, 80 psi is considered to be the top pressure level in booster pumps. Experts recommend choosing pumps with a 30-70 psi rate for domestic application (in apartments). If you have really poor pressure in your water supply, the most powerful models will suit you. However, please make sure to calculate the pump performance and your supply pressure properly to avoid overloading and breakages.

  66. Hello, Liz! Thank you very much for your question! As far as we know, pool manufacturers do not sell extra pool liners as a replacement kit. However, they offer lots of various tire repair methods to prolong your original liner’s life. You can try patches, epoxy and other adhesives. Look for more options and products here.

  67. Hello, Marta! Thank you for your question! These Polaris cleaners are developed for inground pools. However, their main requirement is a high-pressure filter pump (which is usually used in inground pools). If your pump meets the cleaners’ needs, you can pick up any model. In our opinion, Polaris 380 will be a better option for big pools due to stronger suction.

  68. Hello, Ann! Thank you very much for your question! Unfortunately, just like manufacturers prohibit the usage of inground pool cleaners for above ground pools, it is not recommended to install an above ground device in inground reservoirs. Firstly, the reason is poor cleaning efficiency. Secondly, they will not fit each other during installation. And thirdly, this will lead warranty cancellation. In this case, you’d better try multifunctional pool cleaners that are made to fit both types of pools like Zodiac MX series models.

  69. Hello, Nina! Thank you for your question! Polaris itself recommends using Zodiac PB4-60 Polaris. This is an original and quite affordable booster pump that perfectly fits Polaris 280, 360, 380, and 3900 pool cleaners. You can learn more about the product in our review.

  70. Hello, Andrew! Thank you for your question! It is absolutely safe to run your pump 24 hours per day as they are specially constructed for non-stop operation. They can deal with overloading and overheating themselves by changing the speed of operation from time to time. That’s why you can turn it on and forget about it.

  71. Hello, Becky! Thank you so much for your question and trust! Indeed, many real users state Tritons sometimes miss leaves and other dirt on the bottom, especially in big pools. The possible reasons are too large pool construction and complicated floor shape. Also, activation of waterline cleaning takes time from other surfaces’ processing, so please mind it. Anyway, you can deal with the missed dirt if you refuse the waterline cleaning or run your cleaner one more time specially for floor scrubbing. Otherwise, it’s a greal option for large pools subject to heavy pollutions. Hope we were of assistance to you!

  72. Hello, Henry! Thank you for your high appreciation! The frequency of filter backwashing depends on how often you run your filter. If you’re an active swimmer and clean water daily, backwash the sand filter once per week. If you filter water less often, do it at least once per 2-3 weeks. Backwash the sand filter until you see that water runs clear from it.

  73. Hello, Make! Thank you so much for your question! The filter choice will depend on the size and type of your pool. However, we can say that this pump has a recommended size for most sand filters. Hayward itself recommends complementing the Hayward Power-Flo LX pool pump with the ProSeries Systems sand filter. You can find a more detailed description and buy the product here.

  74. Hello, Roy! Great question, thank you very much. Both suction and pressure side pool cleaners offer nice water and pool processing. The main difference lies in the principle of operation.
    Suction cleaners use the filtration system of your pool. They attach to it and suck water with dirt and debris. Consequently, no additional equipment and cleaner emptying are needed.
    Pressure side cleaners work independently from your pool systems but require a separate booster pump. They use your pool’s return water to create a suction vortex to lift dirt and collect it in their own bags.
    Suction cleaners are more affordable and need no extra investments. However, they deal worse with large debris and may clog.
    Pressure cleaners are better for massive pollutions and bigger pools. But please be ready to buy an additional pump and install it.

  75. Hello, Charlotte! Thank you so much for your question! Though inflatable tubs are not as durable as stationary ones, they can work at temperatures below zero. Any model of those discussed in the review will suit you. However, you should keep water constantly heated inside it to ensure the tub’s proper operation.

  76. Hello, Maria! Thank you for your question and trust! All three models would fit your pool size. Besides, the cleaner is connected to the pool’s filtration system through a special hose and doesn’t need anything else. Thus, there is no need for additional power sources and outlets.
    However, we’d recommend you choosing Zodiac MX8 and MX8 Elite models as they offer longer 39″ hoses to reach any filtration system.

  77. Hello, Rick! This is an excellent question; thank you so much! Indeed, the manufacturer states Polaris F Sport robotic cleaners work in inground pools only. This is connected with their drive systems that need hard surfaces and smooth slopes to climb walls and waterline. Polaris Sport series cannot be applied in the inflatable and simple frame above ground pools. However, our overview through the real users’ comments shows that the simplest F9350 and F9450 models that process the bottom and walls will do with more rigid prism frame pools. The main clue here is the presence of rigid walls in your pool and convenient floor-wall seams.

  78. Hello, Mr. Harton! Thank you so much for your question!
    Both models will suit your pool in terms of the size (as far as it’s inground one, of course, as Polaris 360 and 380 don’t work in above ground models). Here we see the same hose length, filter bag capacity, drive system, inlet size, number of jets.
    Polaris 380 deals with more complicated surfaces and is more powerful. With this unit, you can process all surfaces, including steps. Polaris 360 cleans the floor and walls only. We’d recommend you the 380 if you need a more thorough cleaning and easier maintenance. Though both cleaners come with a 2L standard bag, and the 380 package includes a bag with a zip fastener.
    However, it would help if you mind that the 380 requires an additional booster pump, which leads to more investments and higher electricity bills. Besides, it’s about $250 more expensive. Polaris 360 is our favorite here. It will become a more reasonable choice if you have no or simply don’t need cleaning on steps. It requires no pumps and consumes less energy. A zip bag can be purchased separately. And other differences between the 380 and 360 don’t seem sufficient enough to cost an extra $250.
    Anyway, both devices have their pros and cons, which should be considered separately in each case. The final choice of the right pool cleaner is always up to you.

  79. Hello, Triss! Thanks a lot for your question! A filter bag better deals with lots of dirt and large debris like fallen leaves. Use this filter when you need to remove massive pollutions. Cartridge filters are not so capacious, but they provide much more thorough filtration. Thus, we’d recommend installing this unit when you’d like to focus on water quality and eliminating the finest particles. You can apply filters for different cleaning cycles or use them one by one during one cycle for perfect cleanliness.

  80. Hello, Jeff! Thank you for your question! Even if you have crystal clear water in your supply, a filter will prolong the service life of your pump. That’s why though manufacturers don’t provide us with built-in filters, we’d recommend you purchasing and installing your own unit.

  81. Hello, Jocelyn! Thank you very much for your high appreciation of our work! You’re absolutely right; the pool frames are made of rigid material to last as long as possible. Currently, the manufacturers don’t provide us with any special protective accessories for kids. But we believe you can always use some home materials found like foam rubber, styrofoam, inflatable sleeves to cover the frame.

  82. Hello, Colin! Excellent question, thank you very much! Polaris pool cleaners of this series can be left in the water after cleaning. Thus, there is no need to pull them out and then sink again.

  83. Hello, Tom! Thank you for your question! Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner will work in pools up to 16ft and more. We recommend you pay special attention to the hose length and filter pump power. If these characteristics comply with your needs, the cleaner will fit the pool.

  84. Hello, Jhonny! Thank you for your question! Indeed, the assembly was planned as simple as possible so that even inexperienced customers could try it. Still, it would be best if you minded that self-assembly will take much more time and can lead to accidental breaks or even warranty cancellation. The manufacturer highly recommends resorting to professional services in Intex pools assembly.

  85. Hello, Jodi! Thank you so much for your comment! You really help us become better. The price is current at the time of this writing. Unfortunately, prices are changing, and in order to monitor the price history, we made a special system that displays current prices and their changes.

  86. Hello, Liam! Excellent question, thank you! Yes, Polaris allows us to adjust the Vac-Sweep hose length to meet our pool depth perfectly. If the hose is too long for your pool, you can Separate the hose at the center swivel or cut it. Cut the leader hose from the end attached to the feed hose and then attach it to the feed hose and connect the hose to the pool wall. Please make sure you measure your pool depth correctly! This is essential for accurate cutting. Also, consult the user’s manual beforehand for more details and instructions.
    If, on the contrary, your hose is too short, you can purchase an additional feed hose section, one swivel, and two hose nuts from an authorized dealer.

  87. Hello, Sonia! Thank you so much for your high appreciation of our work! Zodiac MX series produces universal pool cleaners suitable for all pool types. Zodiac MX8 model will climb vinyl walls just as successfully as tile, fiberglass, concrete, and others. This is possible thanks to the excellent drive system mostly, not brushes.

  88. Hello, Alex! Thank you for your question! Hayward and Pentair do have manufactures located in the USA, and many of their pool pumps are made in America.

  89. Hello, Jack! Great question, thank you a lot! The pumps we discussed above have a variety of speeds, which are programmable or automatic. Depending on the speed chosen, your pump can run water with double or triple pressure within doubly or triply less time, respectively. For example, where regular pumps run full speed for 6 hours, these require 3-2 hours. Thus, the flow rate is directly proportional to speed, and the savings are a result of this.

  90. Hello, Ann! Thank you for your question! Polaris has its own official shop on Amazon, so it’s absolutely safe to purchase bags and other accessories there. Besides, the platform guarantees 24-hour customer support on all stages of order and delivery processing. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can do your shopping on the Polaris official site in this section.

  91. Hello, Oliver! Thank you for your high appreciation! It’s a fact that any pool needs some form of chemicals to keep the water safe regardless of the pool size and original water purity. The Intex model you’re interested in comes with a simple non-chemical filter. We’d recommend you complement the filter with simple water chemicals available in easy-to-apply forms (like pills). Check the Intex official website or Amazon to choose your perfect option.