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Summer waves 8ft pool - can I add chlorine?

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I am from South Africa and am interested in getting a summer waves 8ft pool. This pool does not come with a pump, so my question is can I add chlorine and if so how much? Also how would I prevent against algae and bacteria.

Jack Miller
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Adding Chlorine:

  • Determine the Correct Amount: For a pool of this size, you should aim for a chlorine concentration of 2-4(ppm) range. As a rough guide, you might start with about 2 ounces (56 grams) of granulated chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) as your initial dose. However, the exact amount can vary depending on the product's concentration and the current chlorine level in your pool. Always read and follow the instructions on the chlorine product you're using.

  • Test the Water: Before adding chlorine, use a pool test kit to check the current chlorine level. This will help you adjust the amount of chlorine you need to add.

  • Add Chlorine Properly: Dissolve the granulated chlorine in a bucket of water, then distribute it evenly around the pool. Do this in the evening or late afternoon to prevent the sun from breaking down the chlorine too quickly.

  • Maintain Chlorine Levels: Regularly test and adjust your chlorine levels to stay within the 2-4 ppm range. This concentration is effective at killing bacteria and preventing algae growth.

Chlorine Calculation Formula:

To calculate the amount of chlorine needed to achieve the desired ppm in your pool, you can use the following formula:

Chlorine needed (grams)=Volume of pool (liters)×Desired increase in ppm10

For example, to increase the chlorine level by 2 ppm in a 2300 liter pool, the calculation would be:

Chlorine needed=2300×210=460 grams

This calculation assumes the use of chlorine with 100% available chlorine. Adjustments may be needed based on the specific type of chlorine you're using and its concentration. Always refer to the product label for specific dosing instructions.

Additional Considerations:

  • Consider Using Algaecide: If algae become a persistent problem, you may also consider using an algaecide. Follow the product's instructions for the correct dosage.

  • Circulation and Filtration: Even if your pool does not come with a pump, consider acquiring a portable pump and filter system. Proper circulation and filtration are necessary for keeping the pool water clean and clear, as they help distribute the chemicals evenly and remove debris.

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