How to choose the best swimming pool pump?

Pool pump is a tool usually installed with the purpose of passing water in the swimming pool through the filter thereby removing any debris and dirt which might be in the pool.
For a pool to maintain clean standards a pool pump is of great importance. The pump consists of three main parts. The bucket and basket where the water to be pumped are filled. Secondly, there is the impeller which rapidly spins thus sucking the water in and pushing it to the filter. Finally, there is the motor which plays the vital role of spinning the impeller. It is recommended that a pump should be able to filter all the water in an eight-hour cycle.
A pool pump is a tool usually installed with the purpose of passing water in the swimming pool

How do I choose a Pool Pump?

This is a question most pool owners ask themselves. They would like to know which pool pump will effectively meet the needs of their pools. The fact that there are various types of pumps does not make the daunting task, of choosing one out of the many, any easier. All that worry is not in futility as it will make one want to choose a pool pump that will effectively allow water to flow to and from the pool. To choose one that will be great for your swimming pool, there are several factors that need to be considered;

1. The most important factor one will have to consider is the horsepower that comes with the pool pump. It is important to note that the horsepower will vary depending on the manufacturer and model. While looking at the horsepower you should also consider what type of pool it is. For instance, a pool with long run pipes will require higher horsepower.

2. Secondly, before you choose a pool pump it is important to make calculations and have the right figures on how many gallons of water the pool contains. The formula normally varies depending on the shape of the pool; whether it is rectangular, oval or round in shape.

3. It is also important to consider the maximum and minimum flow rate the pump has. The flow rate is the amount of water that can be moved in a determined amount of time. It is measured in gallons per minute. Finding the desired flow rate will help one to determine the amount of water in gallons that need to be pumped, through the filter, to complete one whole cycle. Once you have a number of gallons your pool holds, divide that number by eight to know how many gallons per hour should be pumped.

4. In addition, it is important to determine the feet of head. This is the amount of resistance against the flow of water. This has to be considered in when you are using an inground pool. Finding the real feet of head, or at least approximating it, will help find a pump that will ensure adequate water flow for the filter.

Each of the above should be carefully observed so as to ensure you choose the right water pump.

What to Remember

A lot has been said about the size of the pool pump. Some say that the bigger the pump, the more effective it shall be. It is high time to debunk this misconception. It is not entirely correct that the bigger the pump the better water circulation you get. In contrast, it can actually end up being more costly than picking the right size of a pump. Moreover, if the pump is too big it might end up ruining the filter if it is too small for it.

Secondly, it is important to consider whether it is a salt water pool. It has been recommended that salt water pools have two complete turns over cycles within one day.

Benefits of getting the right pool pump

As stated earlier, pool pumps play the important role in ensuring the pool stays clean. As the water passes through the filter dust, dirt and debris are removed before the water is sent back to the pool.

An effective pool pump will also ensure that the water is well chlorinated. This is important for killing any germs and bacteria that is present in the pool.


It is true that getting the right pool pump for your swimming pool can be quite a challenging process. However, if the above-recommended measures are followed to the latter it will turn out to be an easy and pleasant experience for you.

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