Pool heaters solar review

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Solar pool heaters

Solar pool heaters are extremely useful when it comes to heating up your swimming pool. Installing solar pool heaters lets you extend your swimming even during the coldest of days and nights. You enjoy warm water, and at the same, you don’t have to worry about the environmental effects since solar pool heaters use natural solar energy. It’s no wonder that this type of pool heating system is popular nowadays.

Pool heaters solar review

If you are interested in getting one, read through this article and know more about solar pool heaters. Check out how solar pool heater works, the different kinds of solar pool heaters, and the advantages of installing one. As a bonus, we have also featured the top 7 solar pool heaters for your home.

How do solar pool heaters work?

Solar pool heaters are just one of the heating pool systems available. Other pool heaters are heat pumps, gas heaters, and electric heaters. Unlike the three other heaters, a solar pool heater harnesses the sun’s energy to warm your swimming pool. This natural way of producing heating energy is a big plus to the conservation of our environment.

By using solar panels installed in your home, it transfers the heat directly to your pumping system. The heated and unheated water is pumped through a filter to get rid of debris before it is circulated through a solar collector. After this, water is then returned to the pool through a flow control valve.

What are the different kinds of solar pool heaters?

There are different kinds of solar pool heaters available are the following:

Solar panels – these solar panels can be placed on the roof of your home. The pool size will determine the number of solar panels to be installed to provide for an efficient heating system for your swimming pool. It is usually expensive to install solar panels as it can cost you up to thousands of dollars.

Solar pods – solar coils are wrapped in a dome-like enclosure and pushes heated water into your swimming pool.

What are the different kinds of solar pool heaters?

Solar covers – solar covers or solar blankets provides heat for your swimming pool and retains it. It is less expensive than the previous two solar pool heaters.

What are the advantages of installing a solar pool heater?

Solar pool heaters are popular because of the benefits of installing it. Here are the following advantages of using solar pool heaters:

  • It is environment-friendly.
  • It will cost you less in the long-run since solar energy is free.
  • It heats your swimming pool efficiently and thoroughly.
  • Its installation cost is lesser compared to other pool heating systems.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • It can last up to 15-25 years.

The Best Solar Pool Heating Brands

Intex Solar Pool Heaters

This is a brand that is involved in the manufacture of pool heaters. An example of a model from this brand is the Intex solar mat. This mat is only applicable to above the ground pools. It heats up the pool to considerable temperatures.Not favorable for huge pools but can be ideal for small sized ones can be quite applicable in pools needing 8000 gals.

Best Solar Pool Heating Brands


This is another brand which produces solar heaters for above the ground pools. Its main advantage is its convenience to use. An example of a model from the FAFCO brand is the example the heater. This type of solar pool heater from this brand is advantageous by its ability to hear much larger pools. Their heaters are quite a convenience to use. Some are placed beside the pool or the rooftop.

Solar Pool Heating Brands

Smart pool wws601p sun heater

This a third brand that deals in above the ground pool solar heater. The heaters from this brand can be installed permanently on the roof where water from the pump passes through the heater and then comes out hot through the outlet to the pool. A good example of a model from the start pool brand is the wws601p sub heater.

Smart pool wws601p sun heater

Heliocal brand

This is another brand for solar pool heaters. It deals with quite an extensive range of products all which are electronic. Heliocal heaters are unique in their designs. They are designed in such a way that they create no lift and fly away. This ensures that no additional holes are made on your roof to hold the heaters. Thus eliminating leakages caused by holes in roofs.


IPX4 brand It is another type of brand that deals with swimming solar pool heaters. This brand provides swimming pool walls which applies infrared technology. An example of such a model is the ip4 waterproof infrared wall solar heater.There are no leakage issues since the model is water prove and can thus serve you well.

Guangzhou brand

This is a brand that deals with the small sized pools. A good example is massage pools and SPA pools. The brand is located in China and is easily accessible. The Guangzhou policy is a certified brand and deals with quite a number equipment.It has been I existence for quite a while now.

Kokido brand

This is another solar pool heater brand.The brand has a model referred to as Duomo Kokido.This type model can heat up to 6000 liters of water. Thus for larger capacity pools, a heart is needed for every 6000 liters of water for it to deliver the desired results.

Sunquest Solar heating system

Sunquest Solar heating system

Sunquest solar heating system is a brand that deals with solar heating for swimming pools. The brand has provided models for both an in-ground swimming pool structure or above the ground swimming pool structure. The brands provide quite some good product because it is always possible for you to do the installation on your own. These heaters can suit most types of swimming pools. When the pool is not near a house, you place them on the ground or the roof if the house is nearby.

The installation process of these heating systems is quite easy. It is a do it yourself scenario. This means that for you as a user, the cost incurred will be greatly reduced since the installation cost is cut out. Here is a video on how you can do the installation quite easily and fast on your own.

Solar Pool Heaters for You

Solar pool heaters make swimming during cold days and nights enjoyable. It is a great investment for you family since it can last for years. There are different solar pool heaters to suit your needs, whether you want an above ground or in-ground solar pool heater, there is always one for you. Choose the best solar pool heater for you and let us know what you think about the product of your choice.

Top 5 Best Solar Pool Heaters

To make your shopping easier, we have sampled several solar pool heaters to help you get value for your money. We have factored in performance, costs, maintenance among many other factors. Here is a review of the top 5 best solar pool heaters in the market.

5. SunQuest Solar Pool Heating Panel

The SunQuest Solar Pool Heating Panel is a simple and efficient solution for ice-cold pool water. It is manufactured by Sunquest, a favorite brand in Solar Heating Systems & Panels for Swimming Pools solutions. Besides the simple and efficient design, SunQuest brought on board MAX-FLOW design with 2″ OD headers which improve circulation for even temperature pool water.

This solar pool heating unit has been crafted for both In-ground and above-ground swimming pools making it among the few versatile solar pool heaters. The SunQuest’s working mechanism is simple. The pool’s pump sent cold water through the solar panels where it is heated and pumped back, the end results being luxurious warm water for all.

The panels are made using UV-Protected High-Density polymer material that offers excellent UV resistance as well as unmatched flexibility and elasticity in extreme weather conditions. One major boost in this heater’s panels is that it has 50% more polymer as well as UV stabilizers for better heat absorption and retention.

On the other hand, the ‘tube-on-fin’ absorber design boosts efficiency by catching sun rays from all angles. It is also flexible regarding expansion and contraction to prevent damaging caused by resistance. The MAX-FLOW design with 2″ OD headers ensure optimum circulation.


  • (i) UV-Protected High-Density polymer material
  • (ii) ‘Tube-on-fin’ absorber design
  • (iii) (Two) 2-feet x 10-feet panels
  • (iv) MAX-FLOW design
  • (v) 2″ OD headers
  • (vi) Compatible with existing pool pump
  • (vii) One 1/2-inch by one 1/4-inch connector
  • (viii) Full-size riser tubes
  • (ix) Heats water to 10 degrees
  • (x) For In-ground and above-ground swimming pools
  • (a) Durable panels
  • (b) Efficient water heating
  • (c) Easy DIY installation
  • (d) Improved circulation
  • (e) Works with existing pump
  • (f) Minimized back pressure on your pump
  • (g) Versatility
  • (a) Not ideal for large pools
  • (b) Minor leaks especially if not installed well
SunQuest Solar Pool Heating Panel is a great solar pool heater for those working on a tight budget. It has been crafted to offer the best service. It is easy to install and is less intensive when it comes to maintenance. Although it is only ideal for small pools, it is still a great purchase for anyone looking for a solar pool heater.

4. Smartpool WWS421P Sunheater Solar Pool Heater

The Smartpool WWS421P is a compact size solar pool heater that has been crafted for above-ground pools although it can also work with In-ground pools. Manufactured by Smartpool, this solar pool heater uses solar energy to heat pool water to temperatures of up to 4-6 degrees. This heater uses your existing pool pump, so you don’t need to incur any other costs.

The Smartpool SunHeater is loved by many because of its portability and is commonly used with portable pools for outdoor events and even camping. The Smartpool WWS421P is minuscule in size and fits comfortably in its little box.

It boasts of a patented web design to maximize the panels’ exposure to sunshine. The heater has been crafted using polypropylene material which is efficient in heat absorption and retention. The panels boast of Smartpool’s patented web design for maximum heat absorption. There are also wind vents that ensure cooling air doesn’t slow down the warming.

4. Smartpool WWS421P Sunheater Solar Pool Heater

When it comes to installation, it is very simple. The panels are slotted for easy installation almost anywhere; on the ground, roof or even the fence. The provided threaded headers also ensure flexibility when connected to either In-ground or above-ground pool. With 80 square feet of solar panels (4 feet wide x 20 feet long), you can trust the Smartpool WWS421P for efficient pool heating.


  • (i) Compact size
  • (ii) Polypropylene heat collector
  • (iii) 80 Sq. Ft. panels
  • (iv) Slotted panels
  • (v) Patented web design panels
  • (vi) Direct flow system
  • (vii) Uses existing pool pump
  • (viii) Interchangeable connectors
  • (ix) Heats water up to 4-6 degrees
  • (x) Wind vents
  • (xi) Threaded headers for flexibility
  • (xii) Individually fed collector tubes
  • (a) Easily portable
  • (b) Efficient web design panels
  • (c) Requires little maintenance
  • (d) Easy installation
  • (e) Highly versatile
  • (f) Enhanced heat absorption
  • (a) Useful in small pools only
The Smartpool WWS421P Sunheater Solar Pool Heater is among the best above-ground solar pool heaters in the market. It is very useful in heating pool water and requires little maintenance. Besides the superb performance, its portability is also worthy to note. It can easily fit in its box thus making it an excellent equipment for outdoor fun as well as portable swimming pools.

3. GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

The GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve is a revolutionary solar pool heater that has been engineered to perfection. One great feature of this solar pool heater is the curved design that has been crafted for optimum solar energy absorption. With high-quality commercial grade collectors and a wide range of top class features, this solar pool heater is just the best.

GAME incorporated adjustable and foldable legs in the design to enhance its exposure to the sunshine. It also comes with a transparent cover that covers the panels and traps all the heat inside and deflects any cooling winds. The GAME 4721 SolarPRO above-ground pool heater has a durable blow-molded plastic frame that makes it strong, firm and sturdy.

Unlike most solar pool heaters, this solar pool heater has panels that have been crafted in a curved design. The 14 commercial grade collectors, on the other hand, have been optimized to ensure maximum sunshine absorption. With this heater, you can warm your pool’s water to 5 degrees in just a few days.

3. GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

This above-ground pool heater can be used for a wide variety of plumbing purposes. The threaded ports make it usable for several other domestic plumbing projects. It is also compatible with Intex pools via the provided adapters.


  • (i) For above ground swimming pools up to 30’ round
  • (ii) Curved design
  • (iii) Adjustable and foldable legs
  • (iv) Commercial grade collectors
  • (v) 14 Collector tubes
  • (vi) Threaded ports
  • (vii) Adapters for Intex pools
  • (viii) Includes two hoses and stainless steel hose clamps
  • (ix) Durable, blow-molded plastic frame
  • (x) Transparent cover that locks in heat
  • (xi) Compatible with Bypass Kit from GAME (sold separately)
  • (xii) Measures 43.3” x 27.2” x 5.5”
  • (a) Efficient
  • (b) Even water flow
  • (c) Easy DIY installation
  • (d) Environment friendly
  • (e) Highly versatile
  • (f) 90-day warranty
  • (a) Ideal only for above-ground pools
The GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater is a great solar pool heater. Even though it is only limited to above-ground pools, it can also be used in Intex pools as well a range of other plumbing purposes. This gives you all the freedom you need. The 14 commercial grade collectors and curved design is the icing on the cake. With the Game SolarPRO Curve 90-day warranty, you can never go wrong!

2. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System for Above Ground Pools

2. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System for Above Ground Pools

The Fafco Solar Bear Economy is also excellent, efficient and easy-to-use solar pool heater. It is the less expensive version of the standard Solar Bear. It has been manufactured by Fafco, a US based premier company in the production of solar pool heating systems and is also a provider of IceStor thermal energy storage systems. This unit comes with a patented collector design has twice as many tubes per panel compared to similar heaters in this range. There is also the patented water flow metering system that ensures steady and even water flow for efficiency.

The Solar Bear Economy is the perfect blend of economy and performance. It is best known for its superior circulation enabled by the extra large 2-inch headers. With the high-tech features, it can heat water to temperatures of 10 – 15 degrees quickly.

U.V. stabilized polyethylene also makes it more efficient as this material has higher heat absorption properties. This material guarantees durability as it is tough and withstands the scorching heat from the sun for many years. The base is also high and ensures sturdiness even in windy conditions.

For user convenience, the Solar Bear comes with a cooling bypass valve that allows you to turn off the system when the pool water is at the desired temperature. Unlike most solar pool heaters, this unit doesn’t use connectors or couplings making it very easy to use.


  • (i) U.V. stabilized polyethylene material
  • (ii) 20-feet x 4-feet panel size
  • (iii) Pre-plumbed panel
  • (iv) Extra-large 2-inch headers
  • (v) Patented water flow metering system
  • (vi) Patented collector design
  • (vii) Absorbs over 80,000 BTU’s of heat daily
  • (viii) Collector pool heating system
  • (ix) Integral bypass valve
  • (x) 4 clamps
  • (xi) Two 6-foot hoses
  • (xii) Mount on ground, rack or roof
  • (a) Highly efficient
  • (b) Durable material
  • (c) Improved circulation
  • (d) Economical
  • (e) User-friendly
  • (f) Eco-friendly
  • (g) Mount on the ground, rack, roof
  • (h) 10-Year Warranty
  • (i) Doesn’t use connectors or couplings
  • (j) Excellent solar heat transfer
  • (a) Cases of minor leaks
The Solar Bear Economy is an excellent solar pool heater ideal for areas where there is little sunshine. The U.V. stabilized polyethylene material works best for this unit as it can efficiently use solar energy to heat pools. With a ten years warranty, you don’t need to worry about its durability and efficiency. Even though it is quite large, it is very versatile as you can mount it on the ground, rack or even your roof.

1. Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System for In-Ground Pools

The Smartpool S601P is a great solar pool heater that has been engineered for both In-ground and above-ground pools. This solar pool heater has been manufactured by Smartpool, a renowned manufacturer of quality swimming pool equipment. The main reason why this heater ranks highly in this list is that it comes packed with great features that will wholly revolutionize your swimming experience.

One main benefit of this heater is its installation versatility. You can install in on the roof, shed, optional mounting kit SK43 or simply on the ground. Installation is also easy and is, in fact, a DIY project. It comes with well-laid instructions to guide you through the installation. The system comes with interlocking channels that attach individual panel sections together for better mounting flexibility

Crafted using sturdy polypropylene material, the S601P uses a simple but efficient system. The kit is compatible with your swimming pool’s system. It uses the pool’s pump to automatically pump cold water through the solar collectors where it is heated and pumped into the pool. For maximum heating, the S601P has internal baffles that divert water through the panels thus enabling it to pass through both sides of the collector.

1. Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System for In-Ground Pools

For unrivaled performance, this heater has been built with non-corrosive polypropylene collectors that ensure maximum heat absorption. This material is also durable and is resistant even to harsh conditions. Typically, this system will heat your pool’s water to 10-15 degrees in the cold season. This is after the collectors have been in the sun for at least 6 hours.


  • (i) Tough non-corrosive polypropylene collectors
  • (ii) 80 Sq. Ft. of solar panels
  • (iii) ‘Tube on web’ design
  • (iv) 1 – 2′ x 20′ polypropylene solar collector
  • (v) 2 elbows/hose-connector adapters
  • (vi) Two end caps
  • (vii) Two stainless steel clamps
  • (viii) Reversible collector
  • (ix) TeflonTM tape (one roll)
  • (x) Vacuum relief end cap
  • (xi) Safely Mounts SunHeater™ Solar Collectors
  • (xii) Five-6ft. Black webbing straps
  • (xiii) 15 Mounting brackets (stainless steel)
  • (xiv) Warms water to 10-15 degrees
  • (a) Durable material
  • (b) Easy installation
  • (c) Highly efficient (Tube on web design)
  • (d) Highly versatile and space saving (Install on ground, rack or roof)
  • (e) Cost efficient – solar powered
  • (f) Eco-friendly
  • (g) 5-Year warranty
  • (a) Some components are not covered by warranty
The Smartpool S601P Solar Pool Heater is a best in class pool heater that has been engineered to offer excellence and reliability. Even though the warranty covers specific parts and the hoses are kind of weak, the Smartpool S601P is still a worthy purchase for any swimming enthusiast who would love to heat the pool a little bit. The kit is very easy to install and uses the pool’s main pump to operate. It is also less labor intensive when it comes to maintenance and is also energy efficient meaning it can still warm pool water even with little sunshine when compared to other heaters.

Wrap Up

Unlike other forms of pool heating, solar pool heating is the best. With solar pool heaters, you will cut on alternative energy bills, for example, gas and electricity. Solar pool heating is also comfortable, safe and eco-friendly. With this in mind, a reliable and efficient solar water heater is exactly what you need. However, before purchasing one, you need to assess your location precisely, and most importantly, the size of your pool to make sure what you buy will suit your needs. So, if you have been struggling with the cold pool water, then get any of the above heaters and go green!

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