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For any swimming enthusiast, nothing kills the fun of swimming like dirty swimming pool water. This dirt is mostly caused by impurities that may change the water’s color, taste, and even composition. For this reason, we have several types of pool filters that work to clean swimming pool water. These filters use different mechanism to ensure that your pool water is clean and fresh and in the perfect condition for swimming.

Why Pool Filters are the Best

Pool filters are better than other cleaners like manual cleaning and automated pool cleaners because they are effective and efficient. Even though manual cleaning looks simple, it is such a labor-intensive activity and will require you to remove all water from the pool first. On the other hand, automated cleaners are expensive and require a high level of maintenance.

Types of Pool Filters Available

There are three main types of pool filters According to www.swimmingpoollearning.com – a renowned swimming website. Ideally, this difference is brought about by the material used to filter the pool water. We have Sand, Cartridge and DE Filters.

(a) Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are among the most common pool filters used today. This filter has an average-sized tank that has the cartridge filter inside where water is filtered in. Cartridge filters are known to be effective in filtering out particles as small as 10 microns. The also have less resistance and offer the best results when water is pumped at lower speeds.

Advantages of Cartridge Filters:

  • Filters out the smallest particles (10 microns)
  • Energy efficient
  • Requires simple maintenance
  • Compact size

Disadvantages of Cartridge Filters:

  • Installation is relatively higher
  • Requires frequent maintenance

(b) Sand Filters

Sand filters are also great and efficient pool filters. They are ideal for those looking for an effective pool filter on a budget. These filters are ideal for both in-ground and above ground swimming pools. Sand is filled in large tanks, and the pool water is passed through it. The ideal sand used is #20 silica which is approximately .45-.55mm. This type of pool filters can filter small debris around 20- 40 Microns.

Sand filters are also great and efficient pool filters

Advantages of Sand Filters:

  • Cost efficient
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Disadvantages of Sand Filters:

  • Filters only larger debris (20- 40 Microns)
  • The tanks are very large

(c) DE Filter

Also known as Diatomaceous Earth, DE Filters use DE powder to filter out debris from pool water. The filter compartment has grids that have been coated carefully with the DE powder. DE Filters are the most effective as they can filter out particles as small as 2-5 microns. However, to get optimum results, the DE powder needs to be frequently added.

Also known as Diatomaceous Earth, DE Filters

Advantages of DE Filters:

  • Filters out the smallest particles

Disadvantages of DE Filters:

  • Requires frequent addition of DE powder
  • Expensive

Which Is the Best Type of Pool Filter?

Among the three pool filter systems we have discussed, there is no conclusive judgment on the best filter system because there are several factors that you would consider depending on your needs. First, your pool type will suggest the ideal pool for you. Cost is also another major consideration here. Regarding effectiveness, however, DE Pool Filters are the best because they filter out even the smallest impurities leaving you with super clean pool water.

How To Choose The Right Pool Filter

Choosing the right pool filter system can be quite a hassle especially for first-time buyers. This is because you may not be aware of the important considerations you need to analyze. Here are a few important aspects you need to consider before purchasing any pool filter.

How To Choose The Right Pool Filter

Your Pool Type

There are so many types of swimming pools. Consequently, there are different pool filters made to suit each of these pool types. So, before purchasing any pool filter, make sure it is suited for your needs. It can be a filter designed for an n-ground pool, above ground pools or both. Other factors like pump size, pressure and compatibility are also important.

Your Pool’s Demands

Your pool’s usage should also determine what type of filter to go for. For example, if you run a commercial swimming pool, you’d want to keep your swimming pool water clean always. With this in mind, DE Filters will work best for you. Even though they need more and frequent maintenance, your swimming pool attendant will have time to do this. On the other hand, if you have a pool for family use, you would rather go for sand or cartridge filters because they are equally efficient and require little maintenance.


Cost is also important before making the decision to buy a particular swimming pool filter. Here, the cost can be looked at regarding initial installation costs and maintenance. It is important to make sure that you get a pool filter that will not only match your budget but will also not strain your pocket when it comes to maintenance. However, it is important to make sure that you get value for your money.

The Top 5 Pool Filter Pumps in the Market

Like earlier said, shopping for pool filters can be quite a hassle. This is because there are so many types and brands of pool filters in the market. Some deliver what they promise while others are just a bunch of fake products targeted to unsuspecting pool owners. However, we have decided to make it easier for you, with this review of the five best pool cleaners in the market.

Intex 28645EG – Krystal Clear™ 2100Gph Filter Pump with GFCI

The Intex Krystal Klear is a great sand pool filter that has been designed specifically for above ground swimming pools. Unlike most sand pool filters, the Krystal Klear has better performance and hosts several safety and convenience features. Manufactured by the renowned Intex, it is easy to maintain and works perfectly in cleaning swimming pool water.

Intex 28645EG - Krystal Clear™ 2100Gph Filter Pump with GFCI

The Intex 28645EG – Krystal Clear™ sports a simple design and has been crafted using high-grade materials to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. This pool filter pump has a heavy-duty tank and a strainer basket for user convenience. The tank has a large capacity to keep enough sand for filtering above ground pools of 16′ to 24′. There is also a pressure gauge to show users the pressure at which water is being pumped.

When it comes to performance, this pump is powered by a powerful 50hp motor. It can achieve a flow rate of 2,100Gph and a system flow rate of around 1,600Gph. To enable you to filter different types of contaminants, the Krystal Klear has a 6-function control valve that enables you filter, backwash, cleanse, recirculate, drain and close the system. It also comes with a 24-hour automatic timer which allows you to set the operating time as well as auto-shut off time. With this pump, you don’t need to worry about maintenance now and then as long as you change the sand in 5 years time.


  • (i) For above ground pools
  • (ii) 12” sand filter
  • (iii) Sand filtration
  • (iv) Pump Flow: 2,100 gph (7.9 m3/hr)>
  • (iv System Flow: 1,600 gph (6.0 m3/hr)>
  • (vi) Powerful 50hp motor
  • (vii) Six-function control valve
  • (viii) 24-hour automatic timer
  • (ix) 2 to 12-hour preset cycles for automatic operation
  • (x) Pressure gauge
  • (xi) Strainer Basket
  • (xii) Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
  • (xii) Includes two 1.5 inch connector hoses
  • (a) Pocket friendly
  • (b) Easy maintenance
  • (c) Large capacity tank
  • (d) Impressive pump and system flow rate
  • (e) UL/CSA certified
  • (a) Can’t filter the smallest of particles
  • (b) Only for above ground swimming pools
The Krystal Clear™ 2100Gph Filter Pump is a great and efficient sand filters for above ground swimming pools. It has a heavy duty tank for carrying enough sand to last you for five good years. With an impressive pump and system flow rate, this unit is ideal for average sized pools. It also comes with several convenience features like an automatic timer, pressure gauge, 6-function control valve among many others. Even though it is not 100% efficient in filtering contaminants, it is still a worthy purchase for any above ground pool owner.

The Krystal Clear™ 2100Gph Filter Pump is a great and efficient sand filters

XtremepowerUS 1HP 4500Gph Self-Priming Sand Filter Pump

This XtremepowerUS Pool Filter Pump is also an amazing addition to any pool owner’s wishlist. Engineered for above ground swimming pools, this pump has been optimized to offer excellent pool water filtration leaving you with clean, fresh water that everyone will enjoy swimming in. Manufactured by XtremepowerUS, this sand pool filter is easy to install, use and maintain.

The XtremepowerUS Sand Filter Pump sports a one-piece, blow-molded tank design that sits on a universal base. It further boasts of a large 175 lbs sand tank to hold enough sand for efficient filtration. It has a 19-inch sand bed that ensures you end up with clean, fresh and clear pool water. This pump is ideal for pools of up to 18,0000 gallons of water.

XtremepowerUS 1HP 4500Gph Self-Priming Sand Filter Pump

This pool filter pump is powered by a 1hp self-priming pump that operates on 115V, 60Hz, 8.8 Amp. It has an impressive pump rate of 4,500Gph, quite enough to complete one filtration cycle in a few hours.


  • (i) For above ground pools
  • (ii) One-piece design
  • (iii) 19” sand filter
  • (iv) Pump Flow: 4,500 gph
  • (iv 6-position multi-port valve
  • (vi) 175 lbs. Tank capacity
  • (vii) 1hp Self-Priming Pump
  • (viii) 115V, 60Hz, 8.8 Amp
  • (ix) 34.5ft maximum suction
  • (x) For pools of up to 18,000 gallons
  • (xi) PVC mounting tray included
  • (xii) Hose and clamp included
  • (xiii) Thermal-protected
  • (a) Simple one-piece design
  • (b) High capacity sand tank
  • (c) Easy operation and maintenance
  • (d) Energy efficient operation
  • (e) UL/CSA/ETL Certified
  • (a) Can’t offer detailed filtration

The XtremepowerUS 1HP 4500Gph Self-Priming Sand Filter Pump is more than your regular pool filter pump. Besides the high capacity sand tank, this unit has outstanding pump flow rate that completes one filtration cycle very fast. Even though it can’t guarantee to filter out all contaminants, it is still a great pool filter pump considering its performance!

Hayward CC15093S – X-Stream 150 Square Feet Cartridge Pool Filter System

The Hayward X-Stream is the ultimate pool filter pump for large swimming pools. Manufactured by the famous Hayward, this above ground and in ground pool filter system can handle pools of up to 57,000 gallons. It features a cartridge filtration mechanism and a powerful pump for excellent pump flow rate. This unit is versatile and is compatible with both flexible and rigid plumbing

The X-Stream features a large solid non-corrosive sperm glass filter tank to ensure distribution of contaminants in the filtration chamber. The 150 Sq. Ft. of cartridges, on the other hand, ensure that all particles are filtered out from the pool’s system. You can also easily clean the cartridge filters using hose pipe water getting it ready for the next cycle. The system comes with a flash mounted filter pressure gauge, pump strainer basket, specially designed impeller and a drain plug.

Hayward CC15093S - X-Stream 150 Square Feet Cartridge Pool Filter System

This system works on a single speed PowerFlo Matrix pump that produces up to 1.5hp. The 150 Sq. Ft. of cartridges, on the other hand, ensure that all particles are filtered out from the pool’s system. This pump also supports Quick disconnect intake and discharge.


  • (i) Non-Corrosive filter tank
  • (ii) Cartridge filtration mechanism
  • (iii) 150 Square Feet heavy duty filter cartridge
  • (iv) Filter pressure gauge
  • (v) Can work with 57,000 gallons pools
  • (vi) 1.5hp output
  • (vii) Single speed PowerFlo Matrix Pump
  • (viii) Easy-Lok filter tank ring
  • (ix) Safety catch system
  • (x) Integrated drain plug
  • (xi) Quick disconnect intake and discharge
  • (a) Wide filtration area
  • (b) Longer, more efficient filtering life
  • (c) Works well with large pools
  • (d) Detailed filtration
  • (e) Rust-proof pump and mounting base
  • (f) Works with both flexible and rigid plumbing
  • (a) The pump is single speed
The Hayward CC15093S – X-Stream is among the best selling and most efficient cartridge pool filter pumps. With the capability of working with pools of up to 57,000 gallons, this pump is ideal for both domestic and commercial swimming pools. It can effectively clean swimming pool water in hours and requires simple maintenance. I would highly recommend this unit for anyone looking to make their pool water sparkling clean.

Wrap Up

Ensuring your swimming pool water is clean is very important for swimmers’ safety and well-being. The CDC reports that there are so many cases of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) that are related to contaminated pool water. With this in mind, it is imperative to ensure you have a pool cleaning plan whether you have a commercial or private pool. One easy and cost efficient way of doing this is by having a pool filter pump that will make sure your pool water is always clean. So, if you are finding it hard cleaning your pool either manually or with automated cleaners, then it’s time you get a pool filter pump system and make work easier. Besides, you will cut on costs greatly!

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